What does it mean to be a Partner Enterprise with Manymore?

Being a partner-enterprise means entering into a partnership with Manymore.com directly. Manymore.com can offer you many different services and it and you can select the services that fit your company’s needs. We have 3 different packages as a start. You can add or remove features as you wish.

Total freelancer: we handle all your freelancers in one platform, regardless of whether the freelancer is a private person or has a company. We make payments, reporting, taxes and fees for you.

It is a seamless platform that can be manual, semi-automated or fully-automated.

a) Manual invoicing: You can easily create an invoice in Manymore.com and send it to your customers. The invoice details will be saved until the next time you send an identical invoice. You will have a full overview of all invoices you have created and sent. You can export your invoices from Manymore.com to the accounting system you utilize.

b) Semi-automatic invoicing: To make the invoicing process easier, you can send us the invoice basis via an Excel file, so that we can do the rest for you. With just one document, you can send thousands of invoices. You can export the invoices with just one click and upload them to your accounting system. Full-automatic invoicing

c) With full-automatic invoicing, we can connect the systems so that Manymore talks to your system completely automatically using the API. By using this function, invoicing does not have to be a part of everyday life and you get the opportunity to focus on other things. You can export all the invoices easily with just one click and upload them to your accounting system.

Contact us at support@manymore.com for further information on API / integration. Total means that you want both freelance management and customer invoicing. By using these, you can eliminate a lot of administrative work.