What does it mean to be a freelancer?

There are many benefits to being a freelancer and many see it as the working life of the future. Some important benefits are flexibility, the opportunity to earn a higher salary, you are your own boss and can choose who you work for and that you can take on various assignments and build new skills. A freelancer receives payment for individual assignments without being a permanent or temporary employee of the person for whom they perform the work, but does not have to be self-employed. Freelancers who are self-employed perform assignments outside of service, ie you are your own boss. You perform the work at your own expense and risk, and are not subject to an employer’s instructional authority or ongoing control of the work. Freelancers who have other rights and obligations than the self-employed. As a wage earner, you do not need an organization number. You are also not required to keep accounts, and will not be liable for VAT. As an employee, you receive salary from the client, submit a tax return for employees, and are entitled to a minimum deduction as an employee. We launched Manymore.com to make it easier for freelancers to handle the administrative work, whether you choose to receive a salary from us or use our intuitive invoicing program when you invoice your customers through your company.