More than 3.000 coaches and volunteers background verified using Manymore

In youth sports it's important that everyone has a safe and secure training environment. That is why every coach, instructor and volunteer needs a valid criminal record certificate before they begin their position.

17th November 2022
Coaching football children

Replacing opaque and ad-hoc processes with clarity, overview and control

Most youth sports clubs are organized by parents that have volunteered to help out and that recruit other parents as their children start to do sports. Most clubs only have a handfull of full time or part time resources. This means that also the organization of background checks and criminal records have been left to ad-hoc solutions or in best case spreadsheets.

With Manymore's platform even small sports clubs that lack resources have access to a state of the art background checking system, giving them complete overview and control. No more guessing about who has a valid certificate - it's all there in an easy to use system.

The platform is intuitive to use for the club and all the coaches and volunteers think it's easy to use. It's also very good and important that the e-learning course manages to highlight the importance of abuse prevention

Espen Monsen, Vestsiden-Askøy

Relevant e-learning training included

In addition every coach has to pass an e-learning course that covers how to prevent child abuse in sports and an introduction to the official ethical guidelines in youth sports.

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