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14 percent of employees in schools and teaching report that they have been exposed to violence in the past year

School warning teacher holds hands up

New statistics show a significant increase in violence against school staff, with 14 percent reporting violence in the past year, a doubling from 2010. Despite thousands of reports of violence and threats, only 18 cases have been heard in district court in the past five years .

The increase in violence against teachers is far more than for other professions. Aftenposten has previously reported on over 23,000 reports of violence and threats from schools in Oslo over the past six years. Statistical data show that the proportion of teachers who report violence has increased since 2013, which is a clearer increase than for other professions combined. Even when compared to professions that are often exposed to violence, such as security guards and nurses, the increase among teachers is more prominent. The figures for 2022 suggest that the proportion has not decreased since 2019.

Frp leader Sylvi Listhaug believes that teachers' authority in the classroom must be restored and proposes changes to the so-called 9A section. She also wants to facilitate the transfer of pupils to other schools and create specific programs for pupils with problematic behaviour. Education Minister Kari Nessa Nordtun calls the increase an "unacceptable development".

The figures are from the Living Conditions survey on the working environment from Statistics Norway and Aftenposten.

Marked increase in violence in schools
Marked increase in violence in schools in contrast to other professions (Source: Aftenposten 24.01.2024)

Markant økning i vold i skolen
Markant økning i vold i skolen i motsetning til andre yrker (Kilde: Aftenposten 24.01.2024)