Beckhan simplified his freelancing using Manymore

Beckhan is 32 years old and has an IT-degree. He is currently working as a freelance courier while looking for a job as an IT professional.

1st November 2022

To begin with, Beckhan was advised to start a sole proprietorship (ENK) to get paid for his assignments. After establishing an ENK, he quickly realized how much responsibility and work it takes to manage his own company. He was suddenly confronted with havint to manage tax deductions, VAT, and reporting. There are also expenses in connection with the accountant and accounting system.

Beckhan decided that it was easier to receive a salary and get paid after all fees and taxes were deducted while he continued working as a freelance courier. He started looking around for a payment service that could give him the solution he wanted. This was challenging, as the first company he contacted could not offer this solution, but in the end he found through Porterbuddy.

With Manymore Salary, Beckhan doesn’t need to think about invoicing, taxes and reporting. Everything is taken care of by, and he can concentrate his time and energy on his career development.