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It is difficult for patients to report doctors and cross-border sexual behaviour

Patients find it difficult to report transgressive sexual behavior by doctors. Psychiatrists beli...

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Facsimile NRK about doctors and notifications

Dark figures: 5 supervisory cases annually about doctors' sexual transgressive behaviour

During the past 20 years, the Norwegian Health Authority has received reports from several hundre...

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Elderly hands held

Increasing notification of neglect and violence in nursing homes

In Norway, there has been a growing concern about neglect and violent incidents within the walls ...

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School warning teacher holds hands up

14 percent of employees in schools and teaching report that they have been exposed to violence in the past year

New statistics show a significant increase in violence against school staff, with 14 percent repo...

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Image of contract with car keys

Purchase contract? Download for free at

Never underestimate the importance of a purchase contract! You never know when you will need to b...

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illustrasjon av elektronisk sikkerhet gjennom digital nøkkel

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature is an encrypted, electronic authentication stamp that is placed on digital in...

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hand holding a security symbol

What is eIDAS?

eIDAS is an EU regulation that makes it easier and safer to use e-signing and e-ID online.

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Couple who have entered into a tenancy agreement on a house

Lease contracts and inventory list - download free PDF templates

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Person with a PC who creates a digital signature

What is meant by digital signing?

Digital signing is document signing on a PC, mobile phone or tablet. Quite simple.

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Person using e-signature

E-signature is the best solution

Do you spend a lot of time and resources managing signatures and signed documents?

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