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Lease contracts and inventory list - download free PDF templates

Couple who have entered into a tenancy agreement on a house

Entering into a good tenancy contract is important for a good night's sleep. Here we have collected some resources for templates in PDF format that you can use as a starting point. If you register at, you can also sign the agreements completely free of charge and always have an overview of the agreements you have entered into.

🏠 That is why you should always enter into a written rental agreement

If you have a written agreement that has been signed by both parties, there is never any doubt as to what terms you have agreed on. This will reduce doubts about what is included, termination, payment terms and much more.

Should a dispute arise, it is also much easier to demonstrate deficiencies or breaches of things that were promised than if you only have a situation where there is an allegation against an allegation.

It is the House Rent Act that regulates the tenancy you enter into. Remember that the rules will vary slightly if the agreement you enter into is limited to a specific time period or if it is an ongoing agreement.

✍️ Must a written tenancy agreement be entered into?

If one of the parties demands it, then one is obliged to do so. Both as landlord and tenant you should always (and we emphasize always!) enter into a written agreement.

Below we link to some free rental agreement templates, but as always, you should check the content first. If you are in doubt or need to include special terms, you should talk to a lawyer or expert.

⬇️ You can download the rental contracts in various languages:

Norwegian Bokmål (PDF)

Norwegian Nynorsk (PDF)

English (Tenancy agreement) (PDF)

📺 Also remember to document the inventory when you take over the home. This list should be attached to the agreement or signed separately:🪑

Agreement with a list of inventory when taking over a rental property (PDF)

The templates have been prepared by the Consumer Council.

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