Create safe nurseries and schools

Manymore is designed to keep children and young people safe in schools and nurseries. Through prevention, control and notification, you can ensure that your school or nursery is as safe as possible, even for the very youngest.


We build trust together

Automated processes
Detect problems in time

With your own notification portal, both adults and children can report unwanted incidents, bullying or outsiders.

Automated checking of criminal record certificates

All employees must have valid criminal record certificates, but Manymore gives you a quick overview and control

Prevent with e-learning and good routines

Ensure that all employees go through routines, instructions using e-learning.

Safeguarding in a single system

Automate and gain overview and control in a system you can trust.

That's why Manymore is perfect for schools and nurseries

Our three pillars for safeguarding children and young people are based on prevention through control, training and notification. Based on this, the risk of incidents is reduced, but also that the entire organization will be best equipped to respond correctly and quickly should something happen.

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Know who you are hiring and check their criminal record and police certificate

Everyone who works and is responsible for children and minors is required to submit an approved police certificate. We make the process simple, fast, secure and also check the correct identity of the candidate.

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Prevent and establish good routines with e-learning

Coming soon! Training in good routines and ethical guidelines is important to be able to prevent incidents in both nurseries and schools.

Knowing how to respond is just as important. With our e-learning system, you can ensure that everyone gets the right training and education.

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Safe whistleblowing helps children and adults speak up

When something is wrong, it is important that you find out as quickly as possible. The whistleblowing portal enables you to respond quickly to reports. Anonymity lowers the threshold for reporting what is wrong.

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Easy to use

Simple, fast and secure - both mobile and PC

The system is simple and secure. All communications are encrypted. The notification portal is adapted so that children and young people can also use it. Own access control ensures that only those you want have access to the information.

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