Send and sign agreements easily, quickly and securely

Digital signing must be simple and understandable. Get rid of paper, scanners and ballpoint pens with Manymore.

With the purchase, you get control and an overview of all your agreements and contracts.

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Say goodbye to printing, pen and paper!

We know what it's like to try to keep track of paperwork when you have to spend time and energy on follow-up and reminders. Now you can make it much easier and get automatic follow-ups on all signed documents. No more emails back and forth.

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Get control and an overview of all your documents

Never miss a signature again. With Sign, you get automated reminders that help you keep track of all your documents in one place. You can always see the status of the documents and who has signed.

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Templates (coming soon)

Get started quickly with ready-made templates. Or set it up as you wish.

Are you looking for a ready-made work contract or lease that you can easily fill out and send? Coming soon to a computer near you.

Raskere og mer effektivt med e-signering

Sign a document electronically and it will save you considerable time and worry. Industry research shows that approximately half of all documents that are sent out for e-signing are signed within 15 minutes on average!

Overall, 4 out of 5 documents are signed in less than 1 day from when they are sent out.

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Anywhere, anytime

Sign on the go, on mobile, tablet or regular PC. You get a full overview with one keystroke.

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Safe and secure

Get a full overview with secure access to all documents. GDPR compliant.

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Legally valid signatures

An electronically signed document is just as valid as a paper one - just much easier for you to handle.

Proven and popular platform

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10 000+users on the platform
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15 minutesThe average time it takes to obtain a signature on 40% of all documents sent for e-signature.
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Save NOK 3,000 per documentSavings in time, employee costs and increased productivity, average

Get the document signed in 1-2-3


Register for free

Setting up an account and sending documents for signing is free of charge.


Select and upload the document

The system will send an invitation to sign via email.


Be in control

The system makes sure everything gets signed, and will issue reminders if documents are forgotten. Finally, everyone gets a copy of the document by email.

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