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The time for paper and pen is over - at least when it comes to signing documents. Once you have tried signing something electronically, you will never go back to any other method. The most common format used to sign today is usually PDF documents.

How to sign a PDF file for free:

  • Create an account in Manymore and go to > Create+ in the top menu > New e-signature
  • Press Upload and select the PDF document to be signed

  • Give the document a name - this is the name that the recipient will see and that will appear in the completed signed document.

  • Add recipients to those who will sign the document. You only need to add your name and email. You can add as many recipients as you want.

  • If you want to send a copy to someone after the document has been signed, you can also add this under > Send a copy
  • Press > Confirm information
  • You will then arrive at the summary page. If it looks correct, press > Send for signature.

An invitation to sign the document is sent to those who are to sign.

  • They click on the link in the email and come to a page where they can open the document and read the contents.
  • They then choose to sign. They can either draw the signature or type it in.

If they do not sign within a reasonable time, you can easily send a reminder from your account. The system will otherwise send out regular reminders automatically so you don't have to do it.

When everyone has signed, everyone will receive a copy of the signed document by email. You will also find the document under > E-signatures in your account.

PDF signature is legally valid

Many people wonder whether e-signatures on PDF documents are valid in a legal context.

Electronic documents and signatures in PDF format are just as legally valid as traditional signatures with a pen on paper.

This has been established both through practice in Norwegian legislation and in the EU directive from 1999.

How to create an electronic signature

There are two ways you can easily create your electronic signature:

You can enter your name using the keyboard and the system will create a signature that represents your handwritten signature

You can add your signature. Either by using the mouse or trackpad on your laptop, or by using your finger directly on the screen of your mobile or tablet.

How to sign PDF file on mobile

There is no obstacle to signing a PDF on mobile. In fact, the solution is designed for smaller screens and you can even use your finger to enter your own signature on the document to be signed.

No matter what screen size you have, whether it's a tablet, mobile or laptop, you can sign PDF documents.

You can sign the PDF for free

Manymore Sign is the only solution on the market that offers free and unlimited signing of PDFs. This applies to traditional electronic signing via e-mail. Most other services may allow you to carry out a test signing or have restrictions on the number, or it simply costs money from the first signing.

If you wish to sign with BankID, this is a paid service as BankID charges for the service. But the document is still legally valid even with the standard, free e-signature.

What is PDF and why is this often used for signed documents?

Most documents signed today are in PDF format. This stands for Portable Document Format and is an open electronic file format, specially developed for exchanging documents. In contrast to, for example, word documents or text documents, PDF is generally considered to be immutable once it has been created. (This is a truth with modifications, but it requires at least special knowledge to be able to change the content.)

The big advantage of PDF is that it is easy to create, and can easily be sent to others. In addition, formatting and appearance are retained so that when you see the file on your own computer, you can be sure that the file will be the same on others. In other words, the format is independent of the machine and the software you use, if you view the file on a mobile, tablet, Mac or PC, the file will be unchanged and the same.

You can also quite easily make the file small in size, which makes it easy to send the files as attachments in e-mail or upload to cloud services.

In addition, it is possible to place restrictions on the PDF file itself in the form of password protecting the content or whether the content should be copied. You can also add digital certificates that guarantee that the content has not been changed.

In order to be able to open PDF files, you only need programs that are often available for free. E.g. Acrobat reader or Preview (for Mac), possibly open source alternatives such as LibreOffice where you can also edit and change PDFs. In addition, most browsers support opening and reading PDF documents. Flexible file format, in other words, which is recommended now that you are creating and sending agreements

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