Handling police certificates for sports teams and clubs has never been easier

Nothing is more important than a safe sports environment for children and young people.

With Manymore, you get a secure and transparent system for obtaining and checking police certificates that saves the club a lot of time, resources and worry.

Sports and sports teams need Manymore

Some of the clubs that use Manymore

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criminal record certificate
Fast and efficient handling of criminal record certificates

Automatic approval of certificates and prompting of trainers ensures that everyone who is required to deliver certificates on time.

Better control and overview

Get a simple overview of the status of those who must deliver a criminal record certificate. Manymore will automatically mark and notify when further follow-up is needed.

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Take care of privacy and GDPR

Only those who need access will be able to see personal data, e.g. the club's police officer.

Simple and user-friendly

It is quick to invite, and the coaches go through the process on their own. The system takes care of most of it.

Flexible solution for your sports team

All coaches go through a flow that is adapted to your sports team. First an ID check, then ordering and checking a criminal record certificate, as well as a ready-made e-learning course on how to prevent abuse. You can also enter the club's guidelines or club handbook that you want everyone to confirm that they have familiarized themselves with:

Swimming group teaching
Swimming training for children

Effective background checks and criminal record certificates

Get a simple overview of all criminal record certificates in the sports team. The handling takes place automatically so that you have time to concentrate on creating sports enjoyment.

In addition to a criminal record certificate, a valid ID is checked and you can ensure that everyone has access to and confirms that they have read the club's guidelines.

Football practice
Football training for children with a coach

E-learning course on sport's ethical guidelines

Let all coaches and volunteers who will work with children and young people go through a mandatory e-learning course that provides an introduction to the sport's ethical guidelines and how to proceed if you suspect child abuse.

Give everyone in the club insight into an important issue.

Ice hockey boy watching training
Ice hockey boy watching a game in full gear

Have documents and e-signatures in order

Simple digital signing for the club and those involved in the club. Get rid of the papers and have an easy overview of all signed documents and contracts. Get reminders when deadlines are approaching, and see who has opened, read and signed the document.

  • Reduce and prevent risk
  • Faster processes
  • GDPR, privacy and security
  • Get control and an overview

See what some of our customers are saying:

Portrait Espen Monsen
Customer case

- Simple and intuitive

"The system is intuitive and simple to use for the club, and all our coaches and volunteers find it easy to use.
The focus on safety through the e-learning module is good."

Espen Monsen, Vestsiden-Askøy IL

Portrait Reidunn Rake
Customer case

- Control and overview

"It's easy to invite users to the system through SMS and email. The process is simple and mostly runs by itself. This also gives us better overview and control."

Reidunn Rake og Marianne Fjelberg, Lommedalens IL

Portrait Aleksander Biseth-Evensen
Customer case

- Great utility

"Ready sees great value in our work with handling police certificates. It gives us an easy way to see who should be followed up and we can send reminders as needed."

Aleksander Biseth-Evensen, Ready IF

Portrait Erik Osmundsen
Customer case

- Simplifies the process

"This is a user-friendly and very useful system which drastically simplifies the process of obtaining and saving police certificates. I believe this can be useful for both larger and smaller sports clubs across the country."

Erik Osmundsen, Skiing Association in Stavanger

It's quick to get started!


1. Register and select the ready-made sports template

Make some simple customizations for your club such as name, logo and contact info


2. Invite your trainers and instructors

Send an invitation by e-mail or SMS


3. Get a full overview

The trainers you invite carry out the checks and tasks on their own. It doesn't get any easier!

Some numbers

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8000criminal record certificates confirmed
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50 000children in the clubs