A simple system for feedback, internal routines and criminal record certificate for voluntary organisations

Prevention of unwanted incidents is not the first thing you think about when you work in a voluntary organisation. But it shouldn't be the last either.

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Several thousand volunteers are verified via Manymore

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Reduce the risk of unwanted events

Manymore helps you to prevent and respond quickly if you are notified of a deviation or whistleblow.

Save 90% of time spent!

Cut 30 minutes on guidance and creating cover letters + reminders for police certificate - to 1 minute.

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Strengthen reputation and trust

Show that you take security and notification seriously, Stop the damage before it happens or before it gets worse.

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Take care of privacy, security and GDPR

Only those who must have access to data are given access.

Fast and secure solution for all types of volunteering

All volunteers who work with minors or the disabled are required to present a valid criminal record certificate.

Now your organisation can use a system that makes the process flexible, fast and painless - both for you who will handle the process and those who will deliver!

Criminal record certificate for an instructor in a music band who teaches children
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Obtain criminal record certificates quickly and flexibly - save 90% in time

With Manymore, you get an overview and can quickly collect criminal record certificates for the entire organisation in a fraction of the time it took you before. The system also makes sure to remind you about missing certificates so that you don't miss out.

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Know who you engage with verified ID

Everyone who will work as a volunteer is checked with BankID for secure identification. This is checked against the person's criminal record certificate so that you know that the right person shows the right certificate.

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Training in internal routines

Let the internal routines of the organisation be compulsory reading material for all new volunteers. This can e.g. be guidelines or introductions to how new employees should relate to children and young people.

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Feedback portal for everyone

Catch problems in time with a feedback solution that sets the bar low for receiving feedback and alerts about unwanted events. This creates transparency and trust throughout the organisation.

The portal is easy to use for both young and old.

Some numbers

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5000criminal record certificates checked
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25 000children and minors in the organisations handled
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90%Time saving compared to manual processes

50 percent discount for volunteering - get started immediately!

We support the important work that volunteers do! Therefore, non-profit and voluntary organizations have favorable conditions through Manymore.

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  • Reduce and prevent risk
  • Faster processes
  • GDPR, privacy and security
  • Free registration

This is what some of our customers say:

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Customer case

- Control and overview

"It's easy to invite users to the system using SMS and e-mail. The process is simple and most things go by themselves. In addition, it gives us better control and an overview."

Reidunn Rake and Marianne Fjelberg, Lommedalens IL

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Customer case

- Great utility

"Ready sees great value in our work with handling criminal record certificates. It gives us an easy way to see who to follow up on and reprimand if necessary."

Aleksander Biseth-Evensen, Ready IF