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We began our journey by solving our own challenges: how to make payments to our freelancers easy. We have now developed Manymore.com into a unique platform with products that enable you to easily manage your employees and staff.


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What we're passionate about

We are passionate about workers being treated well and feeling cared for. We believe that flexibility and safety are strong driving forces that motivate workers and contribute to growth in society.

What we do

We want to make it easy to be a freelancer and profitable for companies to take care of their freelancers. No matter what relation they have to the company, whether full-time, part-time, freelancer or consultant.

People are the most important resource, and they need to be cared for.

We do this by replacing time-consuming and unorganized administrative tasks with automated processes. This way, even smaller organisations will have the tools to manage employees and personnel in a better way.

We are Manymore.com

Carl Fredrik Luytkis
Carl Fredrik LuytkisChief Sales Officer (CSO)
Jon Åsmund Guttulsrud
Jon Åsmund GuttulsrudBusiness Developer
Kyrre Andersen
Kyrre AndersenChief Marketing Manager & Product Manager (CMO - CPO)
Sara Maria Aslesen
Sara Maria AslesenSocial Media & Content Manager
Erik Fausa Olsen
Erik Fausa OlsenChief Financial Officer (CFO)
Gautam Chandna
Gautam ChandnaChief Executive Officer (CEO)
Rodney Boot
Rodney BootChief Design Officer (CDO)

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