Safeguarding is about building a culture of safety

Whether you are at the workplace, in the changing room at the fitness center or at the doctor's office, unwanted incidents can occur. Events you would rather have been without, and which could have been avoided. Manymore is concerned that people should feel safe where they travel. What does it take for you and yours to feel safe in everyday life?


Do you want to strengthen safety and security in your workplace while promoting a culture characterized by openness and trust? We introduce TellMore, a new module in the Manymore platform, which together with Checkmore and LearnMore gives you the tools you need to address and prevent unwanted incidents in an effective way.

Unwanted events can come in many forms and have varying degrees of severity. From minor irritations such as a colleague sneaking money from the wine lottery, to more serious cases involving harassment or corruption. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of what is defined as unwanted behaviour, and how to handle such situations in a professional and fair manner.

3 layers of protection

1. Background check: When recruiting new employees, it is crucial to know who you are dealing with. With CheckMore, you can easily manage background checks, including police clearances and ID checks, to ensure you hire the right people without unnecessary risk. By validating and verifying the information of the candidates, you can minimize the chance of unwanted surprises afterwards.

2. Knowledge: The first step towards preventing unwanted incidents is to increase awareness among employees. By offering training and information on ethical guidelines and acceptable behaviour, you can create a common understanding of what is expected in the workplace. With our LearnMore function, you can easily raise the level of knowledge and ensure that all employees are informed and aligned when it comes to the organisation's ethical guidelines.

3. Reporting: Encouraging transparency and providing employees with a safe channel to report adverse events is essential to creating a healthy working environment. With TellMore, you can implement an intuitive notification service that makes it easy for employees to report concerns anonymously and securely. This not only helps to handle any unwanted incidents effectively, but also to build trust and strengthen the working environment in the long term.

Do you want to learn more about how TellMore can help you create a safer and more transparent working environment? Contact us today for a no-obligation conversation or a demo of our platform.

Safety culture and safeguarding circle
Safety culture and safeguarding