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Very simply, one can say that the purpose of a signature on an agreement is to show that a specific person agrees with the content of a document. Other purposes can e.g. be to show that you have been present as a witness that others have signed a document.

Simply put, an electronic signature is a collective term for various methods of signing an electronic document. Manymore's sign solution is a good example of this.

Person signerer elektronisk dokument

How can I sign electronically?

The whole process of signing a document is very similar to a regular signature, except that you don't have to print the paper, scan it and forward it manually to the signers.

The process is very simple:

- You upload the document to be signed. Preferably in PDF format.

- Select those to sign, names and their e-mail addresses and click send for signing.

- Those who are to sign receive an e-mail with a link that they click on and can then sign the document on their own PC or mobile. They write or draw the signature directly using the mouse or finger. Alternatively, they just type it in.

They do not need to have an account with Manymore.

- If someone forgets to sign, the system automatically sends out reminders. You can also send reminders from your overview. Here you will also find the status of all your documents and can download the agreements that have been signed at any time.

- When the document has been signed by everyone who is to sign, everyone receives a signed copy of the document by e-mail.

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How to insert an electronic signature?

You can easily insert your signature in connection with an agreement. You choose whether you want to sign your signature using the screen on your mobile phone, a tablet or with the help of a PC and mouse. Alternatively, the system can also design the signature. The meaning of an electronic signature is that this is a representation of your usual pen-and-paper signature.

In Manymore, you can upload one or more documents in PDF format which you can easily sign in this way.

What is a valid electronic signature?

A document that is signed electronically provides as much security as a document where the signature is written physically and is just as legally binding as traditionally concluded agreements.

In fact, electronic signatures can be even more secure as you can authenticate the person signing in a more comprehensive way than you often do if you are told to sign physically with pen and paper.

Is PDF signature valid?

An electronic signature on a PDF, like any other signature, is just as valid as a physical pen and paper signature. When signing digital documents, the final document is usually converted to .PDF format where the signature is documented.

Can digital solutions be used on any type of agreement and document?

Electronic signatures are just as valid as physical signatures. This means that in practice you can sign electronically on all types of agreements.

The authorities have given several feedbacks on this, including in connection with the delivery of annual accounts and documents submitted on behalf of companies in connection with reporting etc. As long as the authentication is good, electronic signatures can be used without problems and are recognized in the same way as other types of contracts signed in the traditional way.

In a similar way, it is also approved that you sign agreements electronically and contracts that apply to working conditions such as e.g. employment agreements, nondisclosure agreements, layoff notices, written notices. Board minutes can also be signed digitally.

For private matters, these can also be signed digitally and be binding. These can be purchase agreements and leases.

The conclusion of this is that the most important thing is not the signature itself and how it is signed, but the content of the agreement itself that is entered into. There are many formal criteria around the agreement itself, but not in relation to whether the signature is digital or physical.

What is the difference between an electronic and a digital signature?

Although electronic and digital signatures are often referred to as identical in everyday speech, strictly speaking they are not. There is a difference.

An electronic signature is used to replace the traditional pen and paper signature. It ensures that there is a legal obligation and intention to comply with the document you have signed.

A digital signature, on the other hand, ensures that the document itself is authenticated, or in the traditional sense, replaces the old stamp on the paper.

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