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Never underestimate the importance of a purchase contract! You never know when you will need to be able to refer to it afterwards.

Here we have collected some resources for templates in PDF format that you can use as a starting point when you need a purchase contract.

📜 Why do I need a purchase contract?

Imagine you've finally bought the vintage car you've always wanted through an online marketplace. When you looked at the car before you bought it, it looked rough.

You have owned the car for a week, and are carefree driving around when the engine suddenly starts to screech. A mechanic looks at the car and quickly determines that the engine is significantly older and more tired than the seller gave the impression. You do an extra thorough check and also notice that the beautiful leather seat cover does not fit properly, and is attached with unsuitable glue.

Seller has fooled you around. What are you doing?

This is where the purchase contract becomes absolutely essential. It shows in black and white which terms you agreed upon when the sale took place. Without a valid document showing what you agreed to, you will have nothing to stand on should a dispute arise.

The same of course applies if you are sitting on the other side of the table, i.e. as a seller. If the buyer makes unreasonable demands for compensation, cancellation of the sale, or the like, you are in a much stronger position if you have a purchase contract to show.

🤝 What if we have a verbal agreement?

According to the Sales Act, the seller has a duty to provide information, which means that he or she must disclose any defects in the goods being sold. Oral agreements are just as legally binding as written ones, but with a written agreement it becomes much easier to prove what was actually agreed and disclosed should a dispute arise.

If in doubt, always enter into a written purchase agreement! Should you regret it afterwards, there is not much you can do.

Here you will find a list of templates for purchase contracts that you can use, including a purchase agreement for a used car:

Buying things in Bokmål (PDF)

Buying things in Norwegian (PDF)

Purchase of things English (contract for selling items between private individuals) (PDF)

Buying a used car in Bokmål (PDF)

Buying a used car in Norwegian (PDF)

Buying a used car English (agreement for buying used cars) (PDF)

The templates have been prepared by the Consumer Council.

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