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Dark figures: 5 supervisory cases annually about doctors' sexual transgressive behaviour

Facsimile NRK about doctors and notifications

During the past 20 years, the Norwegian Health Authority has received accusations from several hundred patients against doctors all over the country, according to NRK. The patients claimed that they were subjected to abuse.

NRK's ​​survey reveals that 65 out of 97 doctors have lost or voluntarily given up their authorisation. Almost half of these were GPs, and 18 were psychiatrists or senior doctors in psychiatry. In addition, there were five municipal superintendents. Of the 97 doctors, 28 have appeared in court for accusations of abuse, and 19 have been convicted. At least 16 doctors have been investigated by the police, but the cases have been dropped before they reached the courtroom. Eight doctors have more than one supervisory case against them for sexually transgressive behaviour.

The Norwegian Health Authority notes in a report that there are many reasons why doctors can lose their authorization for sexual transgressive behavior towards patients. This may include sexual acts during treatment, prodding, invitations to sex, various levels of sexual violence or harassment outside of treatment, serious sexual abuse such as rape, sexual abuse disguised as treatment, romanticizing therapy and initiating relationships.

In autumn 2022, a former municipal doctor from Frosta in Trøndelag was charged with assault and rape against dozens of women. He lost his authorization but has complained about this. The police believe he has raped 39 patients during gynecological examinations. The doctor denies criminal guilt.

Over the past 20 years, the Norwegian Health Authority has investigated 97 doctors for what they call sexual transgressive behavior towards patients: romantic relationships, abuse during examinations, or sex with patients. The Norwegian Health Authority believes that several of the 97 cases are very serious.

Related to the above case uncovered by NRK, the Norwegian Health Authority published a report in 2022 that shows a total of 147 supervisory cases related to notifications about health personnel's cross-border sexual acts in the last 10 years.