Confirmation of purpose required for police certificates in Norway

When applying for a police certificate of conduct you are required to have a valid confirmation of the purpose.

The valid purposes are listed in the common law regulations in Norway and there are no exceptions to these rules. So not anyone can go to the police and require them to issue your criminal record. You'll need to fulfill certain requirements.

Below we have compiled a list over these purposes and what is required.

The general rule for applying for a police certificate is that only you can apply for a certificate for yourself.

Your employer will normally issue a document confirming purpose and reason why you need a criminal record certificate. This document should be attached to your application.

This document needs to fulfill certain formal criteria:

  • Referring to the valid purpose as mentioned by law and the legal basis.
  • Who is applying
  • The employer or assignment provider, plus contact information.

This list (PDF) shows what kind of certificate is needed and when you should request it. Each criminal record belongs to a certain category of certificates based on the extent and depth your criminal record the police need to check and validate.

Person writing a purpose letter
Everyone is required to have a documented need for a police certificate before it will be issued.