Purpose letter

To be able to request a police certificate, the law requires a purpose letter stating the purpose of the certificate. This can be a type of role or engagement that requires it.

The law of police states a number of categories of roles and positions that require different types of certificates.

A letter of intent, including a confirmation, must be sent by the employer or client for the police to know that the position requires a police certificate, and what type of certificate to issue.

For an overview of all intents, the police have made a list, which we have made available in searchable format.


There are exceptions to the need for such a confirmation. This includes adoption, application for citizenship, application of attorney's license, visa applications, among others. However, in most cases, a confirmation must be included from an institution, employer or client.

The purpose letter must be attached to the application for a police certificate that the applicant sends to the police.

Letter of intent is required when applying for a police certificate
Letter of intent is required when applying for a police certificate

How should a standard purpose letter be filled out?

The letter of intent should, as mentioned, be filled out by employer/client/institution. If you need it for sports purposes, you can ask your police certificate manager (the person responsible for handling and keeping track of police certificates in the company).

Name: Name of the police certificate applicant

Social security number: Applicant's social security number, 11 numbers

Intent of police certificate: Description of the intent for which a police certificate is needed. The intent is laid out in the overview provided by police, and the description of intent can be pulled from this. E.g. for children's sports or volunteer organisations, the intent would be "Child care certificate in a volunteer organisation" or "Involvement in a volunteer organisation".

Position/role: Write what kind of position or role that is requiring the certificate, e.g. coach.

Type of position, permanent or temporary: Check the box for permanent employment or temporary and time-limited assignment or position.

Legal authority: State where the law requires a police certificate for the intended purpose. For instance, for volunteer organisations, including youth sports, this would be "The Police Register Regulations § 34-1, cf. the Police Register Act § 39 first paragraph".

Employer/Client (who is requesting a police certificate): Name of the company/organisation, organisation number if needed

Contact information of the employer/client: Contact info such as phone number, email address, or website. For the police to get in touch if they have further questions regarding the application.

Signature of a legal guardian: If the applicant is under 18 years old, they need consent from a legal guardian that has to sign the application.

Template of a purpose letter

You can download a template on the police's website, Politiet.no, or go through Manymore and get the letter of intent filled out and ready on behalf of the organisation, ready to submit for anyone who needs it.

That way, you will get a full overview and save time and resources.