Staffers driving success with flexible staffing

Staffers is a company that uses freelancers to meet the staffing needs of its clients in the hotel, restaurant, shop and event industry.

1st August 2022
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Staffers has a platform containing a pool of workers, and facilitates communication to allow customers to hire resources. This involves the administration and facilitation of many individual freelancers, who do various jobs and have many individual assignments during a month. It also involves invoicing B2B clients who use Staffers’ services.

Staffers offers two different job-services; freelance engagements and job advertisement. It is through freelance engagements that Staffers use freelancers to carry out individual assignments.

When they initially set up a new service for payment and registration of salaries to freelancers, Stafffers worked with Frilans Finans. Much of the work was done manually, and the margin of error was 70%, with a lot of testing and testing of various models. Then came the pandemic, and 100% of the business was put on ice.

When the ball started to roll again, and Staffers got back on it’s feet, it gradually became clear that it was more resource-intensive to correct all
mistakes, than to simply run salaries for their freelancers. Thus began the search for a new platform.

The salary model was the most attractive – “the easier for our freelancers, the better.” Having a simple and automated scheme was important for Staffers to create interest among freelancers.

It was equally important to be able to both invoice clientss and manage salaries in one system. Better overview in one place makes everyday life easier for those who are to manage and facilitate freelancers, salaries and invoicing.

The margin of error was significantly reduced from 70% to 2% when Staffers started to use has provided Staffers with an automated and seamless service, with good control and overview, which is also reflected in time savings for the administration. This was important to Staffers.

Having a partner like allows us to focus more on our job and our freelancers, and less on administration.

We now utilize for both payments to freelancers and invoicing clients. This provides Staffers with a good overview at a glance.

A good dialogue between Staffers and the development team at was a decisive factor when they chose to go for Manymore’s solution.

For Staffers, Manymore is a partner that does cover our payroll and invoicing services, but as importantly, both companies share the same visions. This helps to further develop the platform and our services in parallel with Staffers and their needs.