Automated verification of employees and candidates

Reduce the risk of hiring the wrong person. Check makes automated checks easy and efficient for everyone involved.

Verification and background checks

We verify workers

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Save time
Make hiring faster and better

Check sends automatic reminders to your candidates. Get notified automatically before a check expires or requires renewal.

Background checks
Instant overview and control in one system

Keep an overview of all candidates and checks in one system. See who has completed the check, who is approved or disapproved.

Security and GDPR
Secure access and privacy

Take care of privacy and data security. Our solution is GDPR compatible.

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Automated background checks have never been easier!

It has never been easier to make sure you hire the right person for the right job.

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Say hello to overview and control

You get access to a simple tool that gives you full control and overview of all candidates. Let Check handle the routine check, while you can concentrate on giving the candidate the best possible experience.

  • Easy to use
  • Automated follow-up of candidates
  • GDPR compatible
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Make sure you really know the person you're hiring

Speed up the process for both you and your candidate. Use Check's easy, automated processes for police certificates and other background checks.

  • Guided process for candidates and employees
  • Automated verifications and certificates
  • Privacy-focus and strict access control

Checks for all your different needs

Here is an overview of the various types of checks and verifications we offer. Get in touch if there are any checks you need that we do not list here.

ID check
ID check

Verify identity through for example BankID.

Police certificate
Police certificate

Verified police certificate.

Driver's license
Driver's license

Check that the candidate has a valid driver's license.

Bank account
Bank account

Verify the candidate's bank account.

Health personnel

The health sector is the sector where Norwegian law has the strictest demands in terms of purpose for police certificate for various professional groups.

More to come
More to come...

We are always planning new extensions and improvements, so stay tuned.

Sports team and coach
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Customer stories

More than 3000 coaches get their police certificate checked through Manymore

Nothing is more important than a safe environment in sports for children.

With Manymore, sports clubs now get a secure and organized system for verifying police certificates, saving time and resources for the club and its members.

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Customer case

- Control and overview

"It's easy to invite users into the system through SMS and email. The process is simple and mostly runs by itself. It also gives us better control and overview."

Reidunn Rake and Marianne Fjelberg, Lommedalens IL

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Get started right away with templates. Or set it up how you like.

The choice is yours.

Doing a check is easy!

and you can get started in just 1 minute


Register for free

You can register for free as a private individual or an organisation.


Choose type of check and send an invitation

The candidate receives the invitation and completes the verification.


See the results of the checks

The system handles reminders and makes sure the checks are completed. Lean back and relax and see the results tick in.

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  • Pay-as-you-go
  • We handle security and GDPR
  • Support guaranteed