Get a whistleblowing portal that builds trust and transparency

Reduce the risk in the organization and deal with problems and unwanted events faster. With a good whistleblowing solution, you build trust and create a better and safer organization for everyone.

Whistleblowing portal
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Detect problems in time

Without your own notification portal, it could be a long time before you hear about unwanted events or problems. A short response time is the alpha and omega!

Anonymous and secure qhistleblow

Whistleblowers can choose to remain anonymous. All communications are encrypted.

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Privacy in focus

Take privacy into account - you decide who has access to the notifications.

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Build reputation - reduce sickness absence

An unwanted event can have very serious consequences both financially and socially. A good whistleblowing solution is a good investment in every way.

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Whistleblowing portal - Tellmore

Build a safe and transparent organization

People in companies and organizations work better together when the collaboration is built on trust. A whistleblowing portal helps you maintain this trust by encouraging an open dialogue where concerns are taken seriously.

Implement a modern whistleblowing portal and show everyone that your organization values ​​honesty and integrity.

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Low threshold

Stop a problem before it escalates

There are enough examples of objectionable conditions or unwanted experiences being allowed to grow to dimensions that eventually take over an organisation. Not only can it be serious for those directly affected, but it affects large parts of the business.

Encouraging the reporting of objectionable conditions means that one gets the opportunity to stop the problem in time.

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Protect the whistleblower

Anonymous and secure whistleblowing

Coming up with concerns can be difficult. It is therefore important to be able to whistleblow in a safe way. The whistleblower can therefore choose whether he or she wants to be anonymous or notify by name. Regardless of the method, the case manager can conduct a dialogue to obtain more information.

A whistleblowing portal that covers many needs

These are just a few reasons to use Manymore as your whistleblowing system.

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Protect your reputation

A good whistleblowing portal is the best safety valve for quickly dealing with problems internally.

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Show that you care

Create a culture of openness and show that you care about your employees, customers, services and surroundings

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Ensure privacy and security

Access control ensures that only those you want have access to the cases.

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Easy to use

Both children, young people and the elderly can easily use the portal.

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Choose your language

Manymore and the whistleblowing portal support both Norwegian and English, and more languages ​​are on the way

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Compliance with GDPR and the EU

Handle whistleblowing reports in accordance with GDPR and European legislation.

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Customer history

- Control and overview

"It's easy to invite users to the system using SMS and e-mail. The process is simple and most things go by themselves. In addition, it gives us better control and an overview."

Reidunn Rake and Marianne Fjelberg, Lommedalens IL

Computer and mobile
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Own portal with your logo and brand

Make your own whistleblowing tool and show the world you care! You get a unique link that you publish on your websites and other places where you want to make it available.

It works just as well on mobile as on PC!

Getting started is easy!

Setting up the whistleblowing portal takes 5 minutes.


Register yourself and your organization

You can choose to test the solution for free first


Add those who should receive reports

You can add more case managers if you wish


Publish your whistleblowing portal

You get a unique link for your organisation, which you can post on websites, social media etc.

  • Register for free
  • Whistleblowing portal with your logo
  • Privacy and GDPR taken care of
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