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Fiken is designed so that you can easily do your accounting yourself. This includes, among other things:

Invoicing: Simple invoicing and follow-up. You can send through many different channels (such as letter, EHF, e-mail and Vipps), and you can also send to debt collection – completely free.

Purchases: Dedicated mobile app to take photos of your receipts. Fiken interprets your receipts and makes suggestions for accounting.

Deadlines and submissions: Fiken reminds you of all deadlines and reports. You can also deliver VAT, annual accounts and tax returns (business declaration) directly from Fiken.

Help and customer service: Fiken quickly answers everything you might wonder about – completely free of charge. In addition to customer support, they also have tons of help articles, videos, and weekly webinars.

Blog: On Fiken’s blog you will find articles that explain words, expressions and concepts that many find difficult. Such as deductions you are entitled to in sole proprietorships, VAT explained for small businesses, how to start your own business, and how to handle tax in sole proprietorships.

If you have any questions, you can send them an e-mail at