Lidya: Freedom as freelancer

Lidya, 41, came to Norway from Croatia 3 years ago, and has a degree within finance and HR administration. She takes assignments as a Foodora courier while she works to establish herself in the Norwegian labor market and to learn the language. This is an exciting phase, but as a recent immigrant, it can be both hectic and stressful.

1st November 2022

Lidya considered to establish a sole proprietorships (ENK), but establishing an ENK is a complicated process for most people. In addition, when you are not completely comfortable with the Norwegian language and regulations, it can seem extra scary.

A Foodora colleague told Lidya about, because it is a service her colleague trusts and finds it to be affordable.

I chose’s payroll service because it is an easy and reliable way for me to get paid for my Foodora assignments. With Manymore Salary, I don’t have to think about taxes or reporting, since this is managed by I can use all the money I receives on things I want.

With Manymore Salary, I don’t have to think about the invoicing and payment process, hence, I get more time and energy to focus on my professional development in a new job market while I look for my dream job

Lidya, freelancer

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