Get discounts and offers on well-known brands and in online stores

Those who are user of our Salary-service (Lønnstjeneste) now have access to discounts and benefits from many different shops and suppliers. Get access to discounts on everything from online shops, travel, hotels and phone plans, to electricity and fund savings.

Picture of people receiving benefits

We have a special agreement on behalf of our users of the Salary service (Lønnstjeneste) in Visma Fordel. This is a platform that provides benefits to employees in companies.

Visma Fordel has many good discount programs that you can now take advantage of, both as a private individual and as a small business.

To use the benefits, log in to your account at and go to Benefits in the menu on the top right.

If you have not registered with yet, you can do so here!

Examples of some of the places where you get a discount (the discounts and partners in the program may change over time):

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