Easy payouts for your workers

Do you spend a lot of time on administration of payment for your freelancers, consultants and other flexible workers? Save time and money for your company with Payout.

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We provide an overview of more than 10,000 workers for e.g.

Save time
Save time and money with reduced paperwork

You only get one invoice through Payout, we pay your workers individually.

Pay all workers together

Whether your workers get paid to their company or with payroll, pay everyone together, with the same invoice.

Fast payout

We pay your workers according to your needs.

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Avoid spending more time than necessary on admin

We know that administration can be a drain of time and money. Our products have been developed precisely as a solution to our own challenges with administration.

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Take back control

We collect all your invoices into one and handle tax and reporting before we pay out to your workers.

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Flexible payouts for your workers

We collect all your invoices into one and handle tax and reporting before we pay out to your workers.

Everything you need to manage your marketplace

Payout isn't the only product we provide to marketplaces. Find out what we can do for you and your company.

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Payouts to all your workers, whether they get paid to their own company or through payroll.

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All types of background checks, simple and intuitive for you and your client.

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E-learning material that can be used in an onboarding flow or by itself. Use a template or set it up as you like.

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Intuitive e-signatures. Keep an overview of opened, read and signed documents.

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Your workers can choose between payment to their company or payroll service.

More to come
More to come...

We are always working on new solutions to support modern workplaces. Keep an eye out!

We have your needs covered

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Make work life easier for you and your workforce

Get in touch to see how we can help you save time and money on invoicing and payroll.

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